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Small Business Internal Audit 3.7

This tool allows you to create/update/optimize your online business strategy
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Small Business Internal Audit is a helpful program designed to assist small businesses (mainly) on a quite necessary but difficult Audit process. This process can be even more challenging when you don't really know where to start from and, most importantly, where you should aim your strategies. The application is really user-friendly, you can enter simple but important accounting information, and the program will display a forecast/average percentage you should consider when taking a decision that involves any financial interaction (i.e. Marketing Budget, Per Unit Sales Revenue). The Main Toolbar display is so useful that will allow the user to build a strategy around aspects such as: Internal Audit Builder, Revenue Generator, Cost Cutting, Customer Service, Advertising Guide, Online Marketing, and Financial Performance. All these will lead you to build an objective, then a coherent and productive strategy around the mere numbers and circumstances the business faces on a daily basis. By entering your Daily operation income you can get a Monthly and Yearly forecast. The Online Marketing tool allows you to create/update/optimize your online strategy, such as product keywords/tags and other useful hints that most small business don't know, but need to be aware of in order to become competitive if they plan to have a website or any digital campaign to promote their business.

Augusto Rivera
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  • The built-in calculator allows you to have a start when looking for initial operational numbers
  • The strategy tips in the toolbar teaches small business owners about objective and effective methodologies to optimize the business Financial and Operational performance


  • The program design is really simple, and the price is excessive for the real results you'll get regarding financial issues
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